Wedding Highlight Video of Leanne and Matthew

Apr 7, 2017 | WEDDINGS

Headshot Darren George principal Jamaican wedding engagement portrait family photographer Darlington Jones Imagery
Jamaican wedding & engagement, portrait and family photographer

Quite possibly the most mushy I’ve felt in a while. While I sat and edited Matthew and Leanne’s wedding highlight video, all I kept saying was “Awwwww!” and smiling like a glad bag. It’s obvious that their love is palpable, yet due to time limitations, the depth of their love could never be fully represented here.

I am now fully convinced that some things were meant to be. No one can explain how these things work either – whether destiny or luck or choice, no one knows. Maybe there was something subliminal that exchanged during their days of playing side by side in high school?

What I do know, is that I’m thoroughly happy for them both because it’s rare that such wonderful people exist. Now that their union is complete, the whole world will benefit from the power of their love.

Still from wedding highlight video Bridemaids in rose beside Bride in wedding dress at Hope Gardens
“The future for me is already a thing of the past. You were my first love, and you will be my last.”
Bridemaids in rose beside Bride in wedding dress at Hope Gardens
Groom in Navy Blue Suit surrounded by Bridesmaids during wedding photography session at Hope Gardens



Their wedding was immaculately executed by Melanie Miller and thoroughly enjoyable, even for me, who went there to record it but left feeling like I wanted to get married again (I immediately started planning the renewal of my vows). In addition to great staff, they were surrounded by lots of friends and family and what had to be the most awesome bridal party in the world. The groomsmen with their debonair swagger, and the bridesmaids – ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! They left many breathless with their stunning beauty. It’s obvious that the McNaughtons were blessed by the whole team of people that surrounded them.


All that’s left to say is :
Congratulations to the SUPER-CALI-FRAGI-LISTIC-EXPI-ALI-DOTIOUS couple!


Bless you.


Cinematography: Darlington Jones Imagery
Wedding highlight video edited by: Darren George
Second camera by: David “Boncrek” Johnson
Assisted by: Mark-Anthony Williams


Photography by: Dwayne Watkins
Wedding Coordinator: Melanie Miller
Getting Ready: Terra Nova All Suite Hotel
Ceremony: UWI Chapel, Kingston, Jamaica
Reception: Hope Gardens, Kingston, Jamaica


Special thanks to the parents of Leanne and Matthew for being awesome in their own right, and bringing these two together.



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  1. The beauty of love…of passion too strong to be uttered or reduced to words, and yet so perfectly portrayed…preserved in a photograph…
    The motion of love witnessed, appreciated and the most salient “pieces” carefully collected into a special gift for others to see and witness…that love exists…and in abundance…Love in motion, captured in a video. The seemingly impossible done in one breathtaking clip.

    That is just a taste of what comes to mind when I view and experience Darlington Jones Imagery…

    It’s not just a viewing of photos…it’s not just another wedding video…It’s an experience.

    An experience that you will not soon forget.

    • Kristina – you sound like a poet yourself! What words! I’m thoroughly impressed that you enjoyed watching. Very encouraging!

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