Blue Ridge Restaurant and Cottage Engagement – Shara + Andrew

Mar 13, 2017 | ENGAGEMENTS

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There’s something about the air in the Blue Mountains – it happens to me whenever I go up to the peak – it’s almost like being in the presence of God.

I think that’s what happened to Shara and Andrew whenever they were up at the Blue Ridge Restaurant and Cottage – they couldn’t help but speak about marriage. I’m telling you, there’s few places on earth quite like the Blue Mountains. If you’re trying to avoid having babies, don’t venture to these parts – I swear, it’s so magical that I think miracles can happen.

Engaged couple laying boardwalk on Blue Ridge Cottage
Reflection of engaged couple in mirror

“Love has never been conquered before, not even by the greatest army.”


Engaged Couple Man Sitting on Blue Bench Lady in Red Shoes Standing


ENGAGEMENT — She is vibrant, energetic, and outgoing. He is friendly, peaceful and likeable. Their love is common – and that’s very clear to see.

At first it seems like a mystery or even a paradox how two different persons can make love work – but their personalities are like the  harmonies we see in nature. Like the Yin and Yang where seemingly opposite forces are complimentary, their love is a force. Despite challenges they have faced throughout their relationship, they’ve made it work. You can’t buy that kind of loyalty. That kind of unison can only be developed through the testing of a crucible. And yet, it’s only preparation for what is to come.

I know you’re ready guys.

I’m also glad you pushed to make this photo shoot happen up at Blue Ridge since it has such sentimental value. There’s so many gems of photography there. The boardwalk has been weathered so well, and those blue benches make the red shoes pop! I found a neat little mirror among the many decorations in the restaurant to create a unique, yet personalized image.

Like you, it’s so vibrant yet cool, all at the same time.


CUPCAKES — One of the things I love about the future Mr. & Mrs. Lue is how they made me feel welcome.

But before I go any further, I have to talk about those cupcakes. Geezom peez! Cup Caketeria made these chocolate cupcakes (smh, smh, smh). After the shoot and everyone was driving off, I almost ran after them down the hill just so I could get one more cupcake. I really hope Ingrid is making their wedding cake (confessing!)

But I digress.

Their family reminds me of the family I married into. They love so freely and are so welcoming (but I know on the flip side is some really loyal people you don’t want to mess with). The family unofficially participated in the shoot and it quickly became less like a photo shoot and more like a hangout and that made the pictures even more authentic.

I’m glad to be a part of such a wonderful family. I’ve been searching after people like you to photograph for – keep building your legacy together as a love powerful like yours will last forever.

God bless.

Black and White partial silhouette engaged couple face to face

The dusk allows for stilness
An intimate atmosphere
When truth descends as mist
Love permeates everywhere.


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  1. Samara

    Well this is a a wonderful engagement. They look so happy!

    • dkg876

      It was truly an awesome day!

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