Imagine this scenario –

You’re in MOROCCO your first time ever and you want dinner. How would you decide where to eat?

Would you:-

  1. Ask locals,
  2. Visit the restaurant and smell if it’s enticing,
  3. Examine the cleanliness,
  4. Peruse the menu for price and descriptions,
  5. All of the above

If you chose #5, then it’s just like that when choosing a wedding photographer or cinematographer. I encourage choosing me for price, but ALSO, for the experience I create and my style of work.

In the video below I go through the top three things you must know about any of your wedding vendors

  1. Why do they exist?
  2. What makes them unique?
  3. How do they make clients feel?

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Meeting in person allows us to look through samples of my legendary signature products, discuss the many questions you may have and most importantly – get to know each other and what you want your epic wedding to be like.

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